WorTech Corp

Our mission is to provide highly qualified system and software/computer engineering professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to design, model, develop, analyze and deploy modern complex systems. We focus our energies on working with you to deliver products and services that bring mission success!

Employment with WorTech


We pay 100% of your medical package which includes: Health Care coverage for the employee and family, dental coverage, and vision coverage. Additionally, WorTech provides employees both Short and Long Term Disability coverage at the time of employment, as well as Term Life Insurance coverage.


We adapt when technology shifts, so Continuing Education is key to providing and maintaining Quality Engineering Professionals. WorTech will assist with that goal by providing reimbursement for approved training at the amount of $5000.00 a year. This includes, but is not limited to, books, trip expenses associated with a conference and classes.

Future Planning

We understand the importance of your financial future. Each employee is eligible to contribute to the WorTech 401k plan starting on their first day of hire. WorTech matches up to 5% of pay into the plan, which is immediately vested.